Trump Demands That All Election Results Be Known On Election Night

Trump tried to delegitimize his potential defeat by claiming that all election results must be made known on Election Night.

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Trump tweeted:

Trump’s whining about delaying the election combined with his calls for all results to be known on election night is part of an effort to delegitimize Joe Biden. Trump tried to do the same thing to Barack Obama with the birther conspiracy, and he claimed that the 2016 election was going to be rigged for Hillary Clinton win.

Delegitimizing elections and opponents is what Donald Trump does. It is why he and Putin are so tight. They both have contempt for democracy, thrive on cheating, and believe in authoritarianism.

All election results are never in on election night. Trump’s claim that they need to be is preemptive excuse-making for what could be his defeat in November.

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