White House Refuses To Say If Herman Cain Got The Virus At Trump’s Rally

When asked if Herman Cain got the coronavirus at Trump’s Tulsa rally, White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany didn’t answer the question.

McEnany responded to a question about Cain potentially getting the virus at Trump’s rally by reciting Cain’s bio, pointing to a post on his website, and by saying, “I will not politicize Herman Cain’s passing. I would just note the great contributions to our society. We will always remember him and his legacy will stand.”


It is impossible to publicly know for certain where Cain got the virus, because if they did do contract tracing on Herman Cain’s movements, any knowledge they have acquired how he was infected is not being publicly shared.

Herman Cain, Donald Trump, and every Republican who turned masks into a political have already politicized Cain’s death. When something looks bad for Trump, the White House rushes to decry politicization.

Cain attended a large indoor political rally with no mask or social distancing. It was a terrible idea to hold the rally and a bad for Herman Cain to attend. Trump tried to blame China for Cain’s death, but no one is buying it.

The White House still refuses to take responsibility for Trump’s terrible and deadly decisions. Trump decided to hold a rally during a deadly pandemic. He put lives at risk and definitely got people sick, and to this day, there has been no responsibility taken for Trump’s actions.

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