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White House Busted For Claiming Trump Is Negotiating COVID Bill But He Is Golfing

Mark Meadows and Steve Mnuchin tried to claim that Trump is involved in the COVID relief bill negotiations until reporters pointed out that he’s golfing.


Mnuchin said, “Mcconnell is very involved so we just updated his team. We’ll be in touch with him later today. But, yes, let me be clear, both Kevin Mccarthy and Mitch Mcconnell are very involved in everything that we’re doing, as I’ve made this constantly, mark and I are a team. We check with the president. There’s nothing that we’re doing that — without the support of the president and we are fully in touch with Kevin and Mitch.”

A reporter said, “You said that the president was checking in almost hourly, but he’s golfing.”

Mark Meadows tried to backtrack, “Well, obviously he didn’t check in while I was there. So maybe that was a little bit of hyperbole.”

Mnuchin said, “Although he did speak before we went in.”

Meadows added, “I was on the phone speak before we went in. I was on the phone literally as we went in, and I’m about to call him as soon as we finish here.”

In a matter of moments, the story went from Trump is directly involved to Trump isn’t involved, but we’re going to call him when we are done.”

Extended unemployment benefits have expired, and this is what Donald Trump is doing:

That’s all any American needs to know about Donald Trump’s priorities during the pandemic.

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