Jason Miller Doesn’t Deny Foreign Governments Are Helping Trump Attack Biden


Fox News Sunday’s Chris Wallace asked Trump campaign adviser Jason Miller if foreign governments have given Trump info on Biden and he dodged the question.

Chris Wallace asked, “Can you state flatly that neither the Trump administration nor the Trump campaign has received any information from either foreign groups or foreign nationals about Joe Biden and his family, and can you state flatly that neither the administration nor the campaign will accept foreign assistance?”

Miller answered by dismissing the question, “Chris, that’s a silly question.” Miller went on to falsely claim that the Clinton campaign accepted foreign assistance four years, and then he rambled a conspiracy theory about the Republican funded Steele Dossier.



Wallace went to ask Miller three times if the Trump campaign would reject election assistance from a foreign government, and he never said that they would not:

Trump and his administration have said publicly that he wants foreign governments to interfere to help him beat Joe Biden. Trump knows that he can’t win a free and fair election. That is why he is asking for illegal help wherever he can get it. He is trying to delay the election, and as Rep. Jim Clyburn warned, he is trying to lay the groundwork for staying in office if he loses.

Miller’s non-answer made it clear. Nothing has changed since impeachment, Trump’s still solicited dirt on Joe Biden from foreign governments to help him in the election.

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