Trump Threatens Nevada With Lawsuit To Stop Voters From Casting Mail-In Ballots

During a Monday press conference, Donald Trump said he plans to sue the state of Nevada for moving forward with mail-in ballots amid a pandemic that has claimed nearly 160,000 American lives.

“Universal mail-in ballots is going to be a great embarrassment to our country,” Trump said, claiming that he has the right to sign an executive order on the matter.

“We will be suing in Nevada, and that’s already been taken care of,” he said. “We’ll probably file something tomorrow.”


Trump’s promise to sue Nevada comes as the state passed a bill – which the governor is expected to sign – that would mail all active voters a ballot ahead of the November election.

Trump, not hiding the fact that he wants fewer people to vote this fall, is doing everything he can to make sure that doesn’t happen – despite the fact that America’s coronavirus outbreak continues to wreak havoc across the country.

Mail-in and absentee voting are virtually the same

In the same useless press conference in which Trump blasted mail-in voting and threatened to sue Nevada, he touted absentee ballots.

“Absentee ballots are great,” he said. “They have to request them, they go through a process, they get them. But the universal mail-in ballots have turned out to be a disaster.”

But as CNN’s Daniel Dale pointed out, there is often very little distinction between mail-in voting and absentee ballots in many states.

“Trump continues to try to create a distinction between ‘absentee’ and other mail-in voting, though many states, like Florida where Trump himself voted by mail, make no distinction,” Dale said on Twitter. “Multiple security measures are taken with all forms of mail voting.”

Of course, to Trump this has never been about protecting democracy and securing American elections. If he truly cared about that, he wouldn’t have looked the other way as Vladimir Putin hijacked the last presidential campaign.

Instead, this is an irresponsible but predictable effort by the president to undermine confidence in the election’s eventual outcome, particularly as polls show him losing to former Vice President Joe Biden.

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