Trump expected 60,000 at Tulsa rally

Trump Claims 12,000 People Were At His Tulsa Rally When Only 6,000 Showed Up

Trump has doubled the size of the crowd that attended his Tulsa rally with a new false claim that 12,000 people were inside.

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During his infamous Axios interview, Trump said, “We had a 19,000 seat stadium. First of all, we had 12,000 people, not 6,000, which you reported and other people reported, but you couldn’t even get in. It was like an armed camp.”

Trump also claimed that coronavirus cases were going down in Tulsa at the time of his rally, they were not, and said, “But Tulsa was very good. Oklahoma was doing very well as a state. It was almost free. It spiked a month later, a month and a half, two months later, but it was a good area. We had a tremendous crowd. We had a tremendous response. You couldn’t even — it was like an armed camp. You couldn’t even get through. You couldn’t get anybody in. We had 12,000 people. It was incorrectly reported.”


The inflation of numbers is pathological with Trump. It is why he is under criminal investigation for bank fraud in New York.

The official crowd estimate was just over 6,000 people at the event. The crowd was so small that Trump had to cancel an outdoor speech before the rally because there were no people. The Black Lives Matter/antifa protesters excuse has already been debunked.

People could get into the rally if they wanted to, but they didn’t show up,

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