The Sally Yates hearing blows up in Lindsey Graham's face

The Sally Yates Hearing Is Blowing Up In Lindsey Graham’s Face

Sen. Lindsey Graham’s bid to save Trump’s presidency with a conspiracy filled Sally Yates hearing is blowing up in his face.

This exchange between Graham and Yates was telling:

Sen. Graham: Senator Lahey, want to make sure I understand this. The interview with general Flynn, were you investigating a policy difference between the Trump administration and the Obama administration?

Miss Yates: No, senator. We were not investigating a policy difference.

Sen. Graham: You weren’t investigating a crime, were you?

Miss Yates: We were investigating a counterintelligence threat.

Sen. Graham: Isn’t a — is a counterintelligence investigation based on a policy difference?

Miss Yates: It is based on the Russian’s systematic —

Sen. Graham: This is important. Your beef with Flynn that he was undercut Obama policy. Is that what you were worried about?

Miss Yates: What we were worried about is that he was undercutting Obama policy, then covering it up.

Sen. Graham: He hadn’t even talked to the FBI. He said the FBI — sent the FBI over. There was no leak of anything. Aren’t you really investigating a policy difference?

Miss Yates: No, senator. That is not accurate. There was a cover-up before this. That is what prompted my concerns with that he was providing false information to the vice president.

Sen. Graham: When did you know about that?

Miss Yates: That preceded this, senator.

Sen. Graham: Why didn’t you go to the White House and say, is this your policy position?

Miss Yates: The concern was not about the policy difference here, senator. The concern was about him undercutting the Obama administration and then covering it up.


Instead of helping his conspiracy theory catch fire and revive the Trump campaign, the Yates hearing is shining a light on the Trump administration’s ties to Russia and the willingness of Republican Senators, like Lindsey Graham, to cover-up for Trump.

Sen. Graham isn’t saving anyone. He’s adding more fuel to the fire that is going to get Trump and the Republican Senate majority voted out in November.

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