State Department Acting Inspector General Resigns After Just Three Months

The Acting Inspector General at the State Department is leaving his post after just three months. His decision comes amid an ongoing investigation of his predecessor’s firing.

Acting Inspector General Stephen Akard replaced Inspector General Steve Linick less than three months ago amid media reports of conflict between Linick and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

Akard will now leave the job as well and be replaced by another acting IG, Diana Shaw.

“Ambassador Stephen J. Akard, the State Department’s Acting Inspector General and the Director of the Office of Foreign Missions, has announced he is returning to the private sector after years of public service,” a spokesperson said.

We appreciate his dedication to the Department and to our country.”

“The Deputy Inspector General, Diana R. Shaw, will become the new Acting Inspector General,” the spokesperson said.

Akard’s resignation will likely bring further scrutiny for the Secretary of State. President Donald Trump’s decision to fire Linick, at Pompeo’s request, is the subject of a continuing investigation by congressional Democrats.

The Administration continues to cover up the real reasons for Mr. Linick’s firing by stonewalling the Committees’ investigation and refusing to engage in good faith,” senior House Democrats said in a statement explaining recent subpoenas.

Reporting three months ago suggested Lincik was investigating Pompeo for making inappropriate demands of staff but it has since emerged that his probe of Saudi arms sales may have been the main point of contention.

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