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Trump Makes Pitch for Religious Voters: “Catholics Like Their Second Amendment”

Donald Trump has made an appeal to Roman Catholic voters by citing his support for the Second Amendment and even claiming he saved it from being repealed.

The President gave an interview to Catholic network EWTN on Tuesday. A transcript was released on Wednesday showing Trump touting his gun rights credentials as a pitch religious votes.

“And if there was one message you wanted to say to our viewers, what would it be right now?” EWTN’s Tracy Sabol asked.

The network is a major part of the American Catholic media landscape – a key voter demographic. He made his comments at the end of the interview.

“Well, I think anybody having to do with, frankly, religion, but certainly the Catholic Church, you have to be with President Trump when it comes to pro-life, when it comes to all of the things,” Trump said.

Watch the video:

“These people are going to take all of your rights away, including Second Amendment, because, you know, Catholics like their Second Amendment. So I saved the Second Amendment.”

“If I wasn’t here, you wouldn’t have a Second Amendment. And pro-life is your big thing and you won’t be on that side of the issue, I guarantee, if the radical left, because they’re going to take over, they’re going to push him around like he was nothing.”

Trump has made this argument before, explicitly linking the Pro-Life position with gun rights. However, this particular formula may work better with Evangelicals than Catholics.

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