Donald Trump Slams Joe Biden’s Faith: “He’s Against the Bible”

Donald Trump claimed on Thursday that Joe Biden is against the Bible. The President has tried to frame himself as the candidate for religious people amid the ongoing campaign.

Trump spoke to Geraldo Rivera on his Cleveland radio show Thursday morning and his remarks were reported on Twitter by CNN’s Daniel Dale. The President covered a wide variety of topics.

He’s against the Bible,” Trump said of Biden during the interview.

That may be a little harsh,” Rivera replied.

Trump then said that people around Biden were against the Bible. As the CNN reporter rightly pointed out, Biden is a lifelong Roman Catholic who has been candid about his faith.

Rivera, who is a Fox News personality in addition to hosting his own radio show, also gave Trump and opportunity to explain why he didn’t attend Congressman John Lewis’ funeral.

Well, I didn’t know him at all. I never spoke to him…And you know, no problem, but I really, I didn’t know him at all. He wasn’t somebody that,” Trump said, before Rivera reportedly cut him off.

Trump also defended potentially using the White House to make his acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention.

Geraldo, any place I use, they will find trouble with it. I could use my hotel right down the street…’He used his hotel.’…I could use some other building, they’ll say, ‘He used some other building,'” he said.

Trump’s attack on Biden comes just days after he made an appeal to Catholic voters by citing his support for the Second Amendment.

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