Pelosi Rebukes Republicans for Delaying Vital Financial Relief

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) took Republicans to task for delaying vital financial relief to everyone affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

“Perhaps you mistook them for somebody who gives a damn for what you just described,” she told CNBC’s Jim Cramer. Pelosi added that she “hopes” President Donald Trump makes good on his threat to extend the nationwide eviction moratorium though she pointed out that things would only continue to get worse in the absence of adequate financial relief.

“If they extend the moratorium, people won’t have to pay their rent just yet, it will be pushed further down the road unless we get some money for them to compensate for what they have to get,” she said. “And that’s not just for the renters — that’s for the landlords. What good is it to the landlords if you have a moratorium until the end of the year for people to pay their rent unless there’s some money to help pay the rent?”

You can watch the clip of Pelosi’s interview below.

Pelosi’s comments come as lawmakers say they have not yet reached an agreement on key issues. It is unlikely both sides will agree before tomorrow’s self-imposed deadline.