Trump’s Ohio Trip Backfires As Governor Tests Positive For Coronavirus


Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine tested positive for coronavirus before a meeting with Trump which shows that America can’t go back to business as usual.

The Governor’s office said that DeWine had no symptoms:



DeWine was getting testing because Trump is insisting on going on campaign trips that are disguised as official presidential events to swing states like Ohio.

Instead of showing that life is getting back to normal in the United States, DeWine’s positive test revealed that Trump shouldn’t be traveling and trying to campaign. The Ohio trip is overshadowed by Mike DeWine’s positive test result.

Trump’s everything is fine political message has been smacked in the face by the reality that things are far from fine, and Trump can’t talk the coronavirus into going away.

Wherever Trump goes during the 2020 campaign, the coronavirus is one step ahead and waiting for him.

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