Trump: “Sally Yates Is Either Lying or Grossly Incompetent”

Donald Trump lashed out at former Acting Attorney General Sally Yates on Thursday following her testimony before the Senate. The President has already falsely accused of her committing a crime.

Yates testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Wednesday about the Justice Department’s investigations of election interference in 2016 and then FBI Director James Comey.

The President was not pleased with Yates’ performance.

Sally Yates is either lying or grossly incompetent,” he tweeted.

“It is not possible she could have known so little about Dirty Cop James Comey (and others) from her high position in the Department of ‘justice’.”

“The political Crime of the Century, and she had no idea what they were doing?”

Trump has repeatedly claimed that crimes were committed against his campaign by the Obama administration and his allies have pushed what amounts to a conspiracy theory.

Yates criticized Comey during her testimony but also pointed out that investigating Trump’s national security adviser Michael Flynn was the right thing to do.

Interviewing General Flynn was really right at the core of the FBI’s investigation at this point to try to discern, what are the ties between the Trump administration and the Russians?” she said.

Flynn later admitted to lying to the FBI.

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