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North Carolina Will Relax Social Distancing Guidelines for Republican National Convention

The state of North Carolina will relax its restrictions on public gatherings for the Republican National Convention (RNC) scheduled August 21 – 24. The state’s health director and chief medical officer, Elizabeth Cuervo Tilson, said the Department of Health and Human Services, wrote in a letter to the RNC that restrictions on gatherings of more…


Trump Launches Sexist Attack On AOC

Since she was elected to Congress in 2018, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has been a subject of fascination for Republicans. Much of this fascination is based on her youth and her looks. Add Donald Trump to the crowd of GOP’ers who find the New York Representative quite attractive. During a recent speech in Ohio, the President described…

Biden Puts Putin on Notice

Poll: Biden’s Lead Continues to Rise Among College Students, Leaving Trump in the Dust

Democratic contender Joe Biden is the clear favorite among college students, according to the latest Chegg/College Pulse election tracking poll, which found he leads President Donald Trump by almost 50 points. Most college students believe Trump won’t win reelection. 62 percent of those surveyed said Trump will lose November’s general election. 38 percent believe he…


Geraldo Rivera: Biden Would Struggle “Debating a Force of Nature Like Donald Trump”

Geraldo Rivera has claimed Joe Biden would have difficulty debating Donald Trump because the President is a “force of nature.” The Fox News personality had nothing but praise for Trump. Rivera spoke to the Fox News morning show Fox & Friends on Friday and slammed former Vice President Biden’s debating skills. Criticisms of Biden’s “gaffes” are now…

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