Geraldo Rivera: Biden Would Struggle “Debating a Force of Nature Like Donald Trump”

Last updated on July 18th, 2023 at 12:07 pm

Geraldo Rivera has claimed Joe Biden would have difficulty debating Donald Trump because the President is a “force of nature.” The Fox News personality had nothing but praise for Trump.

Rivera spoke to the Fox News morning show Fox & Friends on Friday and slammed former Vice President Biden’s debating skills. Criticisms of Biden’s “gaffes” are now a consistent part of conservative media’s attacks on him.

“I think personally that Joe Biden has everything to lose with the debates,” Rivera said.

“If what we see, what we appear to see in, terms of his fragility and his tendency toward malaprops, he would have a hard time debating a force of nature like Donald Trump.”

Watch the video:

Rivera suggested the bar was being set very low for Biden – a criticism more often leveled at President Trump, whose most recent interview performances drew scorn.

However, Rivera saw Trump as not only an excellent debater but perhaps one of a kind.

“Just look at the two. In terms of vivacity, in terms of energy, in terms of physical size, in terms of the command of the ability to answer spontaneous questions spontaneously,” Rivera said.

“I think the President really is one for the decades,” he said. More than just against Joe Biden.

Despite repeated claims to the contrary by the Trump campaign and its supporters in the media, Biden has made no attempt to duck debates. By contrast, the Trump campaign has continued to complain about them.

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