27 More House Races Shift Toward Democrats As Blue Wave Surges


The non-partisan organization Inside Elections has shifted 27 more House races toward Democrats with just two moving toward Republicans.

Here is the list:


As Trump and Mitch McConnell gobble up most of the donor money for the presidential race and a bid to keep the Republican Senate majority. House Republicans have been largely abandoned by their own party and left to face a Democratic onslaught that has been led by excellent candidate recruit and record-setting fundraising from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi.

Presidential and Senate races get almost of the media attention, but quietly Democrats have placed themselves in an outstanding position to expand their House majority. Pelosi and the Democrats are showing the world that their 2018 takeover of the House was no fluke.

Speaker Pelosi has done exactly what voters put Democrats back in the majority to do. Democrats have passed hundreds of pieces of legislation to help the American people on issues ranging from healthcare to the economy to climate change and the coronavirus pandemic.

The House Democratic majority has conducted valuable oversight and served as a check on Trump.

Democrats have delivered, and in the year of a potentially historic blue wave, House Democrats are poised to expand their majority.

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