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No Social Distancing, Few Masks at Donald Trump’s Bedminster Speech

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In the middle part of July, Donald Trump tweeted out a photo of himself wearing a facemask. Trump surrogates cheered on the move calling it a bold change in message and even describing it as patriotic.

The President, however, was not able to stay on his pro-mask messaging. He has frequently been pictured since that moment without face covering and speaking to largely mask-less crowds.


This was the case on Friday night when Trump gave a speech to supporters at his Bedminster, New Jersey country club. The Associated Press’ Jonathan Lemire shared a picture of the event, tweeting, “Country club members awaiting the president.”

The members are packed shoulder to shoulder with a number of children present. Only about four members can be seen wearing face coverings.

Masks have obviously been a frequent topic of discussion on Conservative television. While most pundits were on board back in July, many are again changing their messaging.

Fox’s Jeanine Pirro, who posted a picture of herself wearing a mask while out on the town last month, is again slamming the use of face coverings.


She told a British television show last weekend, “What is the point of the mask? The point of the mask is to basically kinda dehumanize. It’s to frighten people…It’s exactly what the anarchists and the protesters need…There are all kinds of subliminal messages to that mask.”

Trump tweeted in advance of the speech, “I will be doing a news conference on the ChinaVirus, the just announced very good economic numbers, and the improving economy, at 7pm from Bedminster, New Jersey. Also, the subject of the Beirut, Lebanon catastrophe will be discussed.”




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