Trump Is Setting The Stage To Blame His Election Loss On China

Donald Trump has refused to take a tough stance against Russia throughout his presidency, despite the fact that the Kremlin meddled in the 2016 election and has been paying to have American troops killed in Afghanistan.

But in recent weeks, he hasn’t hesitated to pick fights with China as it increasingly looks like Trump is setting the stage to blame the country for his potential loss to former Vice President Joe Biden.

As former lead counsel of the House Impeachment Inquiry Daniel Goldman noted on Saturday, Trump’s taken a series of actions in recent weeks that seek to paint China as the bad guy: blaming them for unleashing the coronavirus, closing the Houston consulate, and waging war on TikTok.

“Trump has seemingly decided that making China the bad guy will give him an opening to blame China for his election loss,” Goldman wrote.

But Goldman noted that “China’s preference for Trump’s opponent in light of Trump’s antagonism is NOT the equivalent of Russia using proxies to spread disinformation in U.S.”

Trump is ignoring Russian meddling – again

Just as Russia actively aided Donald Trump’s presidential campaign in 2016, the intelligence community says the Kremlin is working to derail Joe Biden’s 2020 bid.

Instead of calling out the Russians for waging war on another U.S. election, Trump is focused on reporting that China doesn’t want him to win a second term.

But as Daniel Goldman pointed out on Saturday, China’s preference for Joe Biden is not nearly the same thing as an American foe like Russia actively interfering in the election by spreading disinformation.

Donald Trump can’t fathom the idea that the American people think his presidency has been an abysmal failure, so he is trying to make China a bogeyman on which to blame his potential loss.

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