Trump Has A Meltdown And Runs Out Of Press Conference When Called Out On Lie

Trump cut off questions at a Saturday press briefing after CBS’s Paula Reid called out his lie about passing Veteran’s Choice.

The exchange:

Reid: Veterans choice —

Reid: Sir, Veteran’s Choice, it was passed in 2014.

Trump: Go ahead, please.

Reid: It was a false statement, sir.

Trump: Okay. Thank you very much, every. Thank you very much.


Trump didn’t pass Veteran’s Choice. Obama did. What Trump did do was sign a bill that changed the law that Obama passed. Trump has been taking credit for years for a bill that he had absolutely nothing to do with.

Donald Trump keeps taking credit for Barack Obama’s accomplishments because he has none of his own. Trump signed a wildly unpopular tax cut for the wealthy, and that is it as far as major accomplishments go. The reason why Trump is always bragging about putting two Supreme Court justices on the bench, which is something that any president with a pulse could do, is that he has nothing else.

The bigger problem for Trump and his campaign is that he keeps storming out of press conferences when he gets questions that can’t answer or doesn’t like. These presidential meltdowns on national television are happening far too often.

The nation is in the middle of a pandemic and looking for a steady hand at the wheel, and all voters are seeing Trump doing is playing golf an angrily walking out of rooms.

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