Trump Thinks Daily Press Conferences Will Cover Up How Little He Actually Works


In recent weeks, Donald Trump has sought to rebrand his response to the public health and economic crises that have upended so many American lives by holding daily press conferences.

Trump often spends these unhinged events bragging about how wonderful his leadership has been or downplaying the carnage that continues to worsen under his watch.

Though Trump is spending this weekend – again – at one of his private golf clubs, he kicked off his vacation on Friday by holding a press conference.


The conference was dubbed an official White House briefing, but it was clear to anyone watching that it was a campaign event.

On Saturday, the president plans to do the same thing from his New Jersey property before he heads to the Hamptons for a pair of fundraisers.

Being president is about more than made-for-TV press conferences

Donald Trump seems to think that daily, made-for-TV press conferences will convince the American people that he’s working hard during this moment of crisis.

But in truth, these briefings appear to be the only thing Trump does in between Twitter tantrums and rounds of golf.

The proof, of course, is in the results: nearly 165,000 Americans are dead, millions of folks are out of work, and without competent leadership from the top, the government is incapable of pushing through a relief bill.

While PR stunts may have served Trump well throughout his career as a crooked businessman and reality TV star, they are no match for a raging pandemic and collapsing economy.

In November, the American people will have the opportunity to elect a real president, not just a con man who plays one on TV.

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