Navarro admits Trump executive orders are toothless

Trump Trade Adviser Appears To Admit Executive Orders Are Toothless

Trump’s own trade adviser Peter Navarro admitted that Trump’s executive orders were guidance to the Executive Branch, not policies to help people.

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Navarro when Meet The Press’s Chuck Todd asked about the dubious legality of the executive orders:

Well, one of the things I learned here, Chuck, at the white house going through a lot of work on executive orders is what we have the statutory authorities to do, and I’m confident that every single one of those orders which cleared through the Office of Legal Counsel will stand up.

If you look, for example, at the eviction and foreclosure language in your opener there you noted the words shall consider. That’s how you have to write it, but everybody knows in that bureaucracy knows that means that you damn well should do it and you will.


Speaker Pelosi said that the executive orders are unconstitutional slop for a reason. What Trump signed doesn’t do anything. The states have the option of keeping expanded unemployment benefits in place, and federal will match the funds, but states don’t have the money to extend expanded unemployment, so Trump did nothing on that front. Trump didn’t stop evictions. He told federal agencies to consider not evicting tenants. That’s not a law.

Trump’s executive orders are a joke, and after they fail, Republicans will be painted into a corner and they will probably end up accepting the compromise deal that Pelosi offered last week.

Navarro’s interview was a disaster because the highlighted the fact that Trump’s executive orders are more Oval Office fraud.

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