Trump Is Sliding Into Irrelevance And Slowly Fading Away

Trump has increasingly found himself diminished and not listened, as he is a first-term president who is becoming increasingly irrelevant in all areas.

The Washington Post reported:

More than 3½ years into his presidency, Trump increasingly finds himself minimized and ignored — as many of his more outlandish or false statements are briefly considered and then, just as quickly, dismissed. The slide into partial irrelevance could make it even more difficult for Trump as he seeks reelection as the nation’s leader amid a pandemic and economic collapse.


The president’s own top public health officials, meanwhile, are increasingly contradicting him in public. Speaking on CNN’s “State of the Union” last Sunday — just one day before Trump claimed the coronavirus was “receding” — White House coronavirus response coordinator Deborah Birx warned that the virus was “extraordinarily widespread” in “both rural and urban” areas.


Similarly, Trump has played only an ancillary role in the ongoing discussions for a pandemic relief package on Capitol Hill. Senate Republicans almost immediately rejected his desire for another payroll tax cut, never seriously entertaining the idea.

The coronavirus, and Trump’s unwillingness, or inability to respond to it, has left him irrelevant. A president who was never interested in governing or leading is watching as the nation moves on without him. Instead of learning to live with Trump, the nation has largely figured how to work around and ignore him.

All of the lies both big and small, on issues both meaningful and meaningless have eroded Trump to such a degree that he is nothing more than the carnival barker who is pulling out all of the stops in trying to get bystanders to come into his tent, as his pitches go unacted upon, Trump gets more outlandish and loud while seemingly oblivious to the growing reality that nation has moved on without him.

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