Former Trump Voter To Speak At Joe Biden’s Convention

Last updated on July 18th, 2023 at 12:07 pm

Former Vice President Joe Biden’s convention will be the opposite of Trump’s as he will feature regular Americans, including a former Trump voter.

The Washington Post reported:

The list of speakers, which was provided to The Washington Post, includes a former Trump voter from Pennsylvania who is supporting Biden, a paramedic and immigrant from Mexico City on the front lines of the pandemic in Florida, a bus driver from Atlanta and an autoworker from Lake Orion, Mich.

“There are people from all parts of the country, all walks of life — different professions, different financial situations — all dealing with similar things. It’s really the story of what’s happening across America right now,” Stephanie Cutter, the program executive for the convention, said in an interview.

While Trump is going to use his convention to celebrate himself, the Democratic convention will focus on the American people, and the contrast in the two events will hammer home the idea that while Democrats are focused on America, Trump is only capable of thinking of himself.

Democrats have an opportunity with the virtual convention to tell the story of a unique time in American history. The Biden convention will go beyond the standard party politics and focusing on the crisis that is the coronavirus pandemic.

The visuals might be a little different than what Americans are used to, but different is what the country needs after nearly four years of Donald Trump.

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