Robin Williams’ Daughter Zelda Slams Eric Trump After He Shares Video of her Father

There have been a number of musicians that have slammed the Trump administration for using their songs at events. The latest is Neil Young who filed a suit against Trump last week when the president’s campaign repeatedly played his song, Rocking in the Free World against his wishes.

And apparently, musicians are not the only artists that don’t use their performances to promote their agenda. Eric Trump recently drew the ire of Zelda Williams after sharing a clip of her father Robin’s comedy on his Twitter feed.

Last week, Eric Trump tweeted a video of Williams talking about Joe Biden. He referred to the former Vice President as Ramblin’ Joe Biden. Pretty tame stuff overall. The message was captioned, “Robin Williams savages Joe Biden.”

Zelda Williams replied to the message a few days later, writing, “hile we’re ‘reminiscing’ (to further your political agenda), you should look up what he said about your Dad. I did. Promise you, it’s much more ‘savage’. Gentle reminder that the dead can’t vote, but the living can.”

Shortly after the beef, a clip of Robin Williams talking about Trump began circulating on Twitter. Talking about Atlantic City, the comic says, “And Donald Trump is the Wizard of Oz. Oh, my. He plays Monopoly with real f*cking buildings. This is a scary man. And he owns all these beauty pagaents….Isn’t that a bit like Michael Vick owning a series of pet stores.”

Watch the clip below: