Trump Wants Credit For Bringing The Country Together To Vote Him Out


Kaleigh McEnany claimed that Trump has done a lot to bring America together, which is true as the nation is united in voting Trump out.

McEnany said, “I won’t get ahead of the president as to what his convention speech will look like, but the president has done a lot to bring to this country together. We’ve faced unprecedented challenges, and he’s worked to make sure that the American people are best equipped to rise above the challenges that we face, and he has a strong record that he’ll be touting on that day.”



Trump’s biggest achievement is unleashing a pandemic that has crashed the economy and united 70%-80% of the nation in the belief that the country is on the wrong course. Trump has done a lot to bring the country together, but what McEnany left out is that he has brought the vast majority of the country together in a shared belief that he must be voted out of office.

Getting rid of Trump is the common bond shared by former Republicans, Independents, and Democrats in this election. Trump has done a lot to unite the country, but none of it is good, and it is all against him.

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