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Trump Admits His Executive Order On Healthcare Is Worthless

Trump admitted that the executive order that he will sign on healthcare is a political statement that is a second Republican platform.

Trump said, “Just a double safety net and let people know that the Republicans are totally strongly in favor of preexisting conditions, taking care of people with preexisting conditions. It’s a signal to people. It’s a second platform. We have preexisting conditions that will be taken care of 100% by Republicans and the Republican Party. I think it’s — I actually think it’s a very important step.”


Trump is losing the election, so he is trying to woo voters with empty executive orders that do anything. Trump is supporting the lawsuit that would kill the Affordable Care Act, and the healthcare plan that he has been promising for years is nowhere in sight.

Another garbage executive order isn’t going to move the needle with voters, because Republicans have made it clear that they are the party of taking away healthcare.

Trump is worried that Democrats are going to kill him on healthcare in the election that is why he is making empty token moves to try to fool voters in believing that their healthcare won’t be in jeopardy if they reelect him.

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