Trump May Try To Out Do Lincoln With New Gettysburg Address

Trump has been obsessed with comparing himself favorably to Abraham Lincoln, and he is considering accepting the Republican nomination at Gettysburg.

Trump tweeted:

Trump has been saying that he is the best president for African-Americans with the possible exception of Abraham Lincoln for almost two years. Trump gave an interview to Fox News in front of the Lincoln Monument that he was widely mocked for, and he is considering accepting the Republican nomination at Gettysburg, a civil war battlefield that is synonymous with one of the greatest presidential speeches of all time.

Donald Trump is not a great orator. His main public speaking skills consist of screaming and sweating profusely. Trump is considering Gettysburg, but he is superficial and only concerned with the visuals that would come out of him accepting the nomination there.

Trump is never going to convince voters that his name belongs in the same sentence with Abraham Lincoln. Trump can stand on the same soil as Lincoln, but he will never be held in the same regard.

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