Bill Barr Humiliates Himself By Slobbering All Over Trump

The Attorney General of the United States, Bill Barr, claimed that Trump always makes well-vetted decisions, has tons of energy, and is always working.

Barr said, “He’s an excellent executive and president. There’s robust conversation. He calls on people for their ideas and so forth. I feel that the decisions that we make are well-vetted in the White House and my colleagues in the cabinet are I think high caliber individuals so that part of it has been good….I’ve never seen such energy. He’s always working.”

Video of Barr:

Barr is the second member of the Trump administration in a day to point out how “hard-working” Trump is. Trump trade adviser Peter Navarro called Trump the hardest working president in history.
Never has an attorney general gushed over a president the way that William Barr did. It is humiliating for the Department of Justice and the nation as a whole to have an attorney general who so openly grovels at the feet of a failed president.

The Trump administration is clearly worried about Trump’s constant golfing and his refusal to his job as president.

The Barr interview was disgraceful because it reveals how the Executive Branch of the federal government has been warped to fit Trump’s cult of personality.

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