Trump Is Completely Deflated By Kamala Harris’ Historic Rise To VP Nominee

While the Trump campaign was quick to start lobbing baseless attacks at Joe Biden’s newly minted VP pick, Sen. Kamala Karris, Donald Trump himself was clearly deflated by the historic news.

During his very short press conference on Tuesday, Trump was particularly low-energy, even during a gibberish-laced meltdown over the Harris announcement. He took few questions and left the podium like a child who just lost his favorite toy.

As Vox’s Aaron Rupar pointed out, “Trump only took questions from friendly reporters during today’s short press conference. He offered up a few more smears of Kamala Harris before skulking away from the podium.”

Josh Marshall of Talking Points Memo noted that Trump looked as though he had the wind knocked out of him, saying that he “just seems tired and out of juice.”

Biden-Harris is Trump’s nightmare ticket

For much of the campaign, Donald Trump has tried and failed to paint Joe Biden as some sort of leftist villain who will bring chaos to American streets. But voters know the former vice president, and none of the attacks are sticking.

In choosing Kamala Harris – former San Francisco district attorney and California attorney general – Biden has made Trump’s work even more difficult.

Not only won’t the Trump campaign’s “law and order” attacks stick to this ticket, but the president is clearly terrified that Vice President Mike Pence will get eaten alive by Harris on the debate stage.

Joe Biden’s decision to put Kamala Harris on his ticket wasn’t just smart and historic, but it was clearly the last thing Donald Trump wanted.

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