Trump Melts Down Into Gibberish Over Biden Picking Kamala Harris

Trump reacted to the news that Biden picked Kamala Harris as his running mate by melting down and spewing nonsense about treason and Pocahontas.

Trump said:

We caught Joe Biden, President Obama, the whole group, you can look at Brennan and Comey and Clapper. The whole group. We caught them spying on our campaign. This was an illegal act like no other. This was treason. This was at the highest level of treason. And Obama and Biden got caught spying on my campaign, using intelligence agencies of the United States government to do it.

Both before and after the election. So before the general election then after I won, they continued. It’s total illegal activity and now we have to see what’s happening, but as far as Kamala is concerned, she’s a big tax raiser. She’s a big slasher of funds for our military and she’s got a lot of difficult things that she’s going to have to explain. Plus, she was very, very nasty to, probably nastier than Pocahontas, very disrespectful to Joe Biden. She said things during the debates during the Democrat primary debates that were horrible. About Sleepy Joe.


The gibberish rant of some of his favorite conspiracies is a sign that Trump has no idea how to attack or define Biden and Harris. Trump’s response was proof that his campaign is scared of Harris. They did not want to run against her. They have no idea how to define her, and Trump’s immediate response was to spew nonsense and hope that something sticks.

Trump is coming apart at the seams, nothing is working for him, as he sees another good Biden decision move him closer to defeat.

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