Trump Goes Total Sexist And Says Some People Will Be Insulted If Biden Picks A Woman

During an interview with sports commentator Clay Travis, President Donald Trump claimed Joe Biden, his electoral opponent, had “roped himself” into picking a woman as his running mate for the presidency, adding that “some people” would say picking a woman might insult male voters.

“I would be inclined to go a different route than what he’s done,” Trump said. “First of all he roped himself into a certain group of people.” He added that “some people would say that men are insulted by that. And some people would say it’s fine. I don’t know.”

Biden’s long-awaited decision is set to be revealed this week. Biden has interviewed his top choices either in person or remotely. Candidates include Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer, former National Security Adviser Susan Rice, Representative Karen Bass and senators Tammy Duckworth, Kamala Harris, and Elizabeth Warren.

“Honestly, they’ve done a pretty remarkable job of keeping this fully under wraps internally,” a senior staffer told CBS News.

Trump’s comments come after the latest CBS News Battleground Tracker found Biden is leading in two valuable battleground states: Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, both of which Trump won handily in 2016. Coronavirus concerns have contributed to Biden’s rise.