Biden And Harris Draw A Crowd Of Hundreds To Closed Unpublicized Event


Even though the event is closed to the public, hundreds of people showed up outside the high school where Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will speak.

NBC News’s Mike Memoli reported:

What you’re seeing behind me is something we didn’t necessarily expect today. Remember, this is a pandemic campaign. This is a Biden campaign that has been strictly abiding by any and all local health guidance, and they did not publicize the location of this event today. This is not an event that is open to the public. But we’ve seen a crowd of at least 100.



That’s what brought this crowd from the front of the school literally running from the back of the school in the hopes of catching a glimpse. We understand that the former vice president has not left his home, but he’s only a short few minutes away. When he leaves, we’ll probably see his SUVs pull up behind me. And we’ll see the two of them on stage, a critical moment for the campaign. A moment for the country to be reintroduced to two well-known figures in Democratic politics, but the country wants this to be the introduction of the next President and Vice President of the United States.

Memoli also tweeted:

Compare the enthusiasm on the Democratic side to Trump having to cancel rallies because of a lack of interest. It is clear that Democrats are starving for their candidates, and hungry to take back the White House.

Kamala Harris has only added to the enthusiasm that Democrats were already feeling. As Trump stews in the White House with fake coronavirus briefings as his only outlet, an army of voters is massing to vote him out of office in November.

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