Ohio Republican Secretary Of State Bans Drop Off Boxes For Ballots

Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose (R) has banned counties from installing ballot drop boxes anywhere other than the board of elections.

Here is the LaRose memo:

The Republican plan is clear. They are trying to save Trump by making it is as difficult as possible to vote. There is no reason why drop boxes can’t be used to make it easier to vote. Ohio Republicans are prohibiting voters from voting safely.

Republicans have fully bought into Trump’s war on mail-in voting, but what they don’t understand is that they are only making it more difficult for Trump’s own voters to vote. Since the Trump electorate is older, they have relied more on vote by mail methods to cast their ballots, but making it tougher for these older and more vulnerable Americans to cast their ballots, Trump and his party are only harming their own election chances.

Trump is removing mail sorting equipment from post offices, and Republicans are making it more difficult to cast a mail-in ballot because a bigger electorate means Democratic victory in November.

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