Poll: Biden Lead Over Trump Continues in Five of Six Battleground States

Democrat Joe Biden’s lead over President Donald Trump continues in five of six battleground states, according to the latest “States of Play” survey from CNBC and Change Research.

The survey found Biden leads Trump by six points in Florida, 50 to 44 percent. He also leads by five points in Michigan, 48 to 43 percent. Additionally, Biden leads by four points in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, 48 to 44 percent and 47 to 43 percent, respectively. 

Biden and Trump are neck-and-neck in Arizona (45 percent to 44 percent) and in North Carolina, the only one of the six states where Trump has the lead (48 percent to 47 percent).

Nationally, Biden enjoys a six-point lead over Trump: 50 percent to 44 percent.

The same poll found there’s a split in the public’s response to the president’s job performance and the way he’s handled the coronavirus pandemic. Of those surveyed, 46 percent said they approve of Trump’s job performance. Only 44 percent said they approve of the way he and his administration have handled the pandemic, which has claimed nearly 170,000 lives in the United States.

The news comes the same week the CBS News Battleground Tracker found Biden leading in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, two states Trump won handily in 2016.