Trump Tantrums And Refuses To Come Out Of The White House Because He Can’t Do Rallies

Trump is hiding in the White House, rejecting ideas from his advisers, and refusing to do more than one or two events per week, because he can’t have rallies.

Gabriel Sherman of Vanity Fair reported:

As Trump blasts Biden’s age and absence from the trail, Trump campaign staffers are privately frustrated that the president is refusing to get out there himself. Since his disastrous and sparsely attended Tulsa rally in June, Trump has largely cocooned himself inside the White House, leaving only for a few public events and visits to his private clubs. “Trump has told the campaign he only wants to do one or two events a week. They keep putting ideas in front of him, and he is telling them ‘no,’” a Republican close to the campaign told me. One Republican close to the West Wing speculated that Trump doesn’t like doing small events like factory visits because they promote other people’s companies. “He thinks, Why should I do that?” the Republican said.


What would get Trump out of the White House, of course, are rallies. Trump has been fuming to aides about the coronavirus surge, lately blaming Florida governor Ron DeSantis for the exploding numbers.

Trump has only wanted to do big events with big crowds because he thinks that smaller events make him look like a loser. The President is throwing a fit because the pandemic that he unleashed upon the country is preventing him from holding his ego-stroking rallies.

There are many sorts of events that Trump could be doing to help his sinking campaign, but he is refusing to do any of them, because the only thing that matters in his mind, more than doing the sort of work that might get him reelected, is getting cheers from a crowd of adoring followers.

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