As Trump Pushes Birther Lie, Battleground State Voters Overwhelmingly Support Kamala Harris


Donald Trump and his rock-bottom presidential campaign have been slinging mud at California Sen. Kamala Harris since Joe Biden chose her to be his running mate earlier this week, but the attacks appear to have flopped.

In a new poll released Thursday by Fox News, Harris is viewed favorably by a plurality of the country – something that can’t be said of either Trump or Vice President Mike Pence.

Overall, 44 percent of the country views Harris positively, while 40 percent hold an unfavorable opinion of the newly minted VP pick.


What’s particularly troubling for Trump and his flailing reelection campaign is that Harris’ favorability numbers are even better among battleground state voters.

According to the poll, 48 percent of registered voters in battleground states view Biden’s VP pick favorably, while just 37 hold an unfavorable view of her. Harris is also above water with suburban voters (+3) and female voters (+11).

A full breakdown via CNN’s Ryan Struyk:

Biden-Harris viewed far more favorably than Trump-Pence

While Harris’ initial numbers are strong, the Fox News poll shows that Joe Biden’s favorability rating is even stronger.

According to the survey, 53 percent of registered voters view the former vice president favorably, while just 43 percent view him unfavorably. That’s head and shoulders above where Hillary Clinton was in 2016.

Meanwhile, voters have a low opinion of both halves of the Republican ticket, with Trump’s favorability rating underwater by 12 points (43 percent favorable vs. 55 percent unfavorable) and Pence’s favorability underwater by 10 points (41 percent favorable vs. 51 percent unfavorable).

With nothing to run on but mass death and economic suffering, Donald Trump will undoubtedly throw the kitchen sink at the Democratic ticket – including the disgusting birther lie he is now directing toward Kamala Harris – but the polling shows that it isn’t working.

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