Delusional Trump Says He Will Beat Joe Biden In New York

In more evidence that Donald Trump spends too much time listening to the voices in his head, he now claims that he will beat Joe Biden in the state of New York.

During an interview with The New York Post, Trump said “violent crime and high taxes” will help him turn the state red in November.

“Over the last six months what’s happened is insane. It’s insane,” Trump said. “So we’re going to try very hard to win New York and that will be the first time – is that since Ronald Reagan, I guess? Since Ronald Reagan.”

Trump’s delusions didn’t end there. He also believes his campaign will win in New Mexico, Minnesota and Virginia – states that aren’t even considered toss-ups by most observers.

More from The New York Post:

The president said his campaign would spend money on efforts to win New York and that he plans to make campaign stops. He bashed New York Mayor Bill de Blasio’s performance.

“We’re going to invest in there, we’ll visit. I’m going to put it down as you know on the list,” Trump said. “For instance, we think we’re going to win New Mexico, we think we’re going to win Minnesota. We think we’re, we have a shot perhaps at Virginia because they have a very, very strange governor.”

Trump summoned to the Oval Office his White House political director Brian Jack, who told The Post he believed that Republicans have a good chance of at least flipping some congressional seats.

Trump is barely hanging on in GOP strongholds

The idea that Donald Trump will carry New York – or any of the other states he mentioned during his interview with The New York Post – is laughable.

If the president surrounded himself by half-decent political advisers, he would know that he’s barely hanging on – and, in some cases, is falling behind – in traditional red states like Arizona, Texas and Georgia.

The same applies in Iowa and Ohio, two states Trump easily won in 2016 but are now a coin flip.

There is certainly still a chance that Donald Trump will hang on in enough states to win an Electoral College majority – which is why voting is critical – but there is virtually no possibility that he will beat Joe Biden in New York.

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