Trump Warns GOP Senators Who Don’t Fall in Line Will Lose Reelection


President Donald Trump warned that Republican senators who don’t support him will lose their upcoming elections. The president made the remarks during an interview with Fox Business host Maria Bartiromo.

“We’re fighting very hard in the Senate. I’ll be honest, the Senate is tough,” Trump said. “We have a couple of people that aren’t as supportive of Trump as they should be, and those people are going to lose their elections.”

“The ones that don’t support, and I’m just talking, take a look … you have a few people that want to be cute, and those people are going to lose their elections,” Trump added. “And that’s a problem for the Senate.”


The president’s remarks echo grievances he aired after Republicans lost their House majority in 2018. At the time, Trump criticized GOP politicians who’d declined to campaign with him.

“You had some that decided to, let’s stay away, let’s stay away. They did very poorly,” Trump said at a press conference at the White House the day after the election results “I’m not sure that I should be happy or sad, but I feel just fine about it.”

During the same interview, Trump claimed that the United States will experience an economic “disaster” if Democrat Joe Biden wins this year’s general election. He also referred to Senator Kamala Harris (D-Calif.), who Biden chose as his running mate, as “a madwoman.”