Obama Says Trump “Takes Responsibility for Nothing But Takes Credit for Everything.”

In an interview with former campaign manager David Plouffe, former President Barack Obama said President Donald Trump “takes responsibility for nothing but takes credit for everything,” behavior that would benefit him should the conditions surrounding the novel coronavirus pandemic improve.

On the matter of a potential vaccine, Obama said that there is “no possibility of a vaccine for COVID being developed and distributed between now and the election, but it is possible that some of the trials that are being done result in us knowing before the election that a vaccine is on the way.”

How Americans respond to positive developments is largely out of Democrat and former Vice President Joe Biden’s control, he observed.

“That might relieve people’s anxieties, and that’s good, we should hope for that,” Obama said. “But that also can change the dynamic, particularly when you have a president who takes responsibility for nothing but takes credit for everything, and you don’t know how the economy might react to that. So there are a whole bunch of circumstances, most of which Joe Biden can’t control.”