Jared Kushner Collapses Into Babble When Asked About Pandemic Strategy

Trump’s son in law, Jared Kushner, randomly babbled and couldn’t answer what his and Trump’s strategy is for getting the coronavirus under control.

Transcript of Kushner on Face The Nation:

Brennan: I want to know, though, what is the actual conviction of the task force at this point? Is it to contain the spread of the virus, or is it to, as Dr. Atlas, the new advisor to the task force says, really just isolate and protect vulnerable, high-risk individuals?

Kushner: Well, look, we know a lot more than we did five months ago. When we did 15 days to slow the spread, it wasn’t 15 days to get rid of the virus. It was a global pandemic, it was infecting all over the country. It was to slow the spread and make sure we had the resources we need. We have a lot more knowledge about who the virus targets, and we’ve created lots of ways to help people who do get it have a much more benign experience with it.

We’re entering a much more strategic approach, which we’ll be taking until we have a fully approved vaccine. We’re trying to optimize for the best results possible. Even Dr. Fauci this week said that lockdowns are not the answer, and we need to find a way to use the resources we need in order to live as normal a life as possible while taking the restrictions that will help us save as many people as possible and to keep our economy as healthy as possible. So that when this is over, we haven’t destroyed our country in order to get through it.

Brennan: Right. But what is the strategy in terms of — are you looking at containing? Because if you listen to Dr. Atlas, this new advisor, he has talked about protecting the vulnerable. But according to the C.D.C., 45% of adults, half of Americans, have co-morbidities, asthma, diabetes, being overweight. A huge portion of the United States is vulnerable here. Do you think you have control of the virus?

Kushner: Yeah, but if you look at the people who unfortunately have succumbed to the virus, most of them are over 70, and most have been in nursing homes. So we’ve been doubling and tripling down to getting the right P.P.E. To the nursing homes. I came on today to talk about the historic breakthrough that the president achieved for peace in the Middle East. This has been a strategy we’ve been working on for the past three and a half years.

Kushner was asked multiple times what the White House strategy is, and he babbled a bunch if unrelated talking points, and then got cranky and tried to change the subject.

Trump thinks Jared Kushner is smart because he puts a lot of words together in meaningless corporate-speak. Jared Kushner couldn’t detail what the strategy is because there is no strategy.

Trump and Kushner are hoping that the virus goes away. There is no plan to save American lives, just empty words.

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