Mark Meadows Blames Obama For Trump’s Post Office Sabotage

White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows tried to blame Barack Obama and the previous Postmaster General for Trump’s post office sabotage.

Meadows said on CNN’s State Of The Union, “The funding in terms of stopping voting is not accurate. Louis DeJoy, the postmaster general, sent out a notice to the states that said, listen, if you’ve got a tight time frame, you may want to look at adjusting that because even the post office’s guaranteed two-day mail is not guaranteed to get there in two days. That’s not a problem under the Trump administration. That was a problem under the previous administration and under the previous postmaster general.”


According to Meadows, the post office mail sabotage that Trump admitted to in a Fox interview is not really happening. If the mail is slow, it’s Barack Obama’s fault. Nobody outside of Trump’s most dedicated supporters will believe this for a second, because Barack Obama is not president anymore.

Donald Trump is the president. Trump is the person who is in charge of the USPS. Meadows blamed Obama. He also blamed cities and states for the mail slowdown. It was clear that the White House Chief of Staff was throwing everything at the wall and hoping that something would stick.

The White House spin is a lost cause because Trump already admitted why he is attacking the Postal Service, and it has nothing to do with Barack Obama.

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