Public Pressure Works As Postmaster General To Stop Removing Mailboxes

Postmaster General Louis DeJoy confirmed that he will stop having mailboxes removed until after the presidential election.

NPR reported:

Not removing any more mailboxes is only half of the solution. DeJoy must also order that all the boxes that have been removed must be put back. It doesn’t oo anyone any good if they still don’t have access to a mailbox.

In the big picture though, the blowback and public pressure campaigns are working. Trump and his Postmaster General would have gotten away with removing mailboxes if the public outrage were less intense. The lesson is that public pressure works. The House is going to be holding an emergency hearing on the USPS changes, and the public needs to keep demanding that the Postal Service be allowed to run at full capacity.

The American people have beaten back Trump’s authoritarian efforts before and they can do it again, but it takes loud and united roar of NO to make this president back down from his corrupt and cheating schemes.

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