Calls Grow For Postmaster General DeJoy To Be Subpoenaed To Testify

Former Democratic presidential candidate Julian Castro is calling on the House to subpoena Postmaster General Louis DeJoy to testify.

Castro tweeted:

The House Oversight Committee has requested that DeJoy testifies on August 24, but House Democrats are holding a conference call on Monday to discuss Trump’s attack on the USPS along with the coronavirus relief bill.

Castro is correct in his assumption that DeJoy will likely try to dodge testifying. House Democrats have given him one day to agree to the schedule. If DeJoy refuses to testify, he must be subpoenaed. If he ignores the subpoena, he must be held in contempt of Congress.

Democrats have to ready to act quickly. They have an opportunity to stop Trump, but in order to do so, House Democrats must apply maximum public pressure to him. Trump is trying to hold the USPS hostage to get what he wants out of the pandemic stimulus bill and stop mail-in voting.

Trump will try to obstruct the investigation. Democrats have seen this playbook before, so they have to be ready to take decisive action to save the Postal Service.

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