Fox News Cuts Away As Trump Goes Full-Blown Crazy During Wisconsin Rally

Donald Trump hit the road on Monday for a week of campaign events in a desperate attempt to steal the spotlight away from Joe Biden as Democrats hold their virtual convention.

That plan hit a speed bump pretty quickly as Trump couldn’t even hold the attention of Fox News during a rally in Wisconsin. The right-wing cable network cut away from the president mid-rally when he plunged into an unhinged ramble about how he plans to win the state of New York in November.


“We’re going to play for New York,” the delusional president said. “With all of the crime in New York, I’m going to play for New York.”



During the same speech, Trump – the man who is currently trying to derail the U.S. Postal Service to prevent votes from being cast – claimed that he’ll only lose if the election is rigged.


“The only way we’re going to lose this election is if this election is rigged,” he said.


Earlier in the day, Trump also expressed his desire to run for three or four more terms during a speech in Minnesota.

Trump’s act is boring and unwatchable

After four years in the White House, Donald Trump’s act is stale and unwatchable, even by Fox News standards. These rallies have become the most predictable thing in politics, and they contribute nothing valuable to the overall discourse.

As former Obama adviser David Plouffe noted earlier, Trump would have been better off staying at the White House and pretending to work instead of hitting the campaign trail.

“Trump should have stayed at the White House pretending to do his job this week, instead of roaming the country like a washed up vaudeville performer,” Plouffe wrote on Twitter.

Donald Trump’s campaign rallies are no longer must-see television; they are just a disturbing window into the broken mind of a failed president.

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