Lincoln Project Triggers Trump With New Swing State Ad “The Real Joe Biden”

A new ad from the Lincoln Project will target swing states and run during this week’s Democratic National Convention. The conservative group hopes to highlights’ Joe Biden’s personal qualities.

The ad, entitled “Dad”, was billed as an exposé by the Lincoln Project in a satire of many recent attacks on the former Vice President.

THE REAL JOE BIDEN EXPOSED!” the conservative group announced on its website.

The Lincoln Project today released an ad painting a different picture of former Vice President Joe Biden than what is typically considered common knowledge,” a statement said.

“While most people know the Biden who served for 36 years in the U.S. Senate and eight years as Vice President under President Obama, many are unaware of the personal sacrifices and the commitment he made to be there, no matter what, for his children.”

Watch the video:

The project’s co-founder, Reed Galen, explained that the ad would showcase Biden’s humanity rather than focusing on his political accomplishments.

This ad shies away a little from the politically charged ads The Lincoln Project is known for to peel back some of the onion skin and show voters the kind of man Joe Biden really is,” Galen said.

It is about his character, his hardships, and his humanity.”

“It shows the viewer what shaped him into the man he is and that despite tragedy, Biden has always had his priorities in the right place,” he said.

The new ad will run in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Wisconsin, and Michigan – all states Donald Trump won in 2016 but where he appears to be struggling at this point in the campaign.

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