The Trump Campaign Implodes Less Than An Hour Into The Democratic Convention

It took Donald Trump’s presidential campaign and supporters less than an hour to implode after the start of the 2020 Democratic National Convention on Monday night.

Roughly 20 minutes into the program, Blair Brandt, the Florida co-chair of the Trump Victory Finance Committee, whined that the convention “has almost nothing to do with Joe Biden.”

Trump senior advisor Jason Miller retweeted Brandt’s post, complaining that the “convention has no message at all.”

These rapid hot takes are weak, of course, but they show just terrified the Trump campaign is of everyday folks uniting behind Joe Biden.

While Republicans have no platform other than Trump himself, Democrats quickly laid out an agenda and message on Monday night that’s about more than a candidate or a president.

It’s about the people.

Team Trump doesn’t respond positively to diversity, unity and hope

Despite the Trump campaign’s complaints about the Democratic convention, night one of the DNC put forward a message of diversity, unity and hope.

It showcased everyday Americans of all backgrounds coming together during a time of unprecedented crisis. It will likely be seen as a breath of fresh air after four years of Donald Trump’s hate and division.

The president’s reelection campaign might not like to see regular Americans – including former Trump supporters – come together behind Joe Biden, but the opening night of the Democratic National Convention looked far more like America than the past four years ever has.

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