Conservative Steve Schmidt Claims Marco Rubio Would Have Supported Fidel Castro to Get Ahead

Conservative Steve Schmidt offered stinging criticism of Marco Rubio on Tuesday after the Republican senator mocked actor Eva Longoria for appearing at the Democratic convention.

Rubio sent a tweet sarcastically claiming that celebrities understood what ordinary Americans were going through. This prompted Schmidt, who worked on several Republican presidential campaigns, to lay into the Florida senator.

I was just thinking about you,” Schmidt wrote.

“Your Father fled Castro’s tyranny with nothing but the clothes on his back. He tended bar in the back of the room and watched you rise to the heights of political power within one generation. Only in America.”

Of course, the origin story was an Embellishment. Your parents came in ‘56. They weren’t fleeing communism,” Schmidt went on.

“They were just looking for a better life like the hard working immigrants you have abandoned because you fear Trump and love your position,” Schmidt said.

Schmidt went on to attack Rubio in stark terms, accusing him of being part of an “assault” on American institutions and traditions. He then made a startling comparison.

Rubio is the type of man who would have stayed in Cuba in 59,” he wrote.

“He is the type of ambitious young man who would have sensed new opportunities. He is the type of man who would have gladly held Castro’s coat if it helped him rise, just a little.”

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