New Ad Takes on “Unfit” Trump, Features Dem Convention Speaker Whose Father Died from COVID-19

Nuestro PAC, which along with America’s Progressive Promise, was created by senior aides to Sen. Bernie Sanders’ presidential runs which saw overwhelming support from the Latino community, has released a new ad featuring Democratic National Convention speaker Kristin Urquiza. Urquiza’s father died from the coronavirus earlier this year.

“Like so many others, my father should not have died of COVID. His death is due to the carelessness of Donald Trump and the politicians who continue to jeopardize our health through a clear lack of leadership,” Urquiza says in the ad. “Trump refused to acknowledge the severity of this crisis. Donald Trump is unfit for the presidency.”

She goes on to endorse Democrat Joe Biden for the presidency, calling him a “real leader.”

You can watch the ad below.

The ad will air in Urquiza’s home state of Arizona and in North Carolina, as well as digitally. 

Nuestro PAC seeks to boost Latino voter turnout for Biden, who is currently underperforming with the demographic. America’s Progressive Promise has also aired an ad highlighting Sanders’s endorsement of Biden.

Last month, both PACs made news for launching the largest Spanish-language ad campaigns of the election cycle.

“What makes it special is we’re following the exact lessons that we learned from the Bernie campaign,” ex-Sanders senior adviser Chuck Rocha said of drawing in the Latino voting bloc. “We’re starting early. We’re going big, and we plan to continue. This is just the beginning, not the end.”