Trump Attacks “Former Disgruntled Employee” Miles Taylor, Says He’s “Never Heard of Him”

Earlier this morning, President Donald Trump attacked Miles Taylor, who served as chief of staff to Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen, calling him a “former DISGRUNTLED EMPLOYEE.”

Many thousands of people work for our government,” Trump wrote. “With that said, a former DISGRUNTLED EMPLOYEE named Miles Taylor, who I do not know (never heard of him), said he left & is on the open arms Fake News circuit. Said to be a real “stiff”. They will take anyone against us!”

Taylor, a longtime Republican, made headlines for endorsing Democrat Joe Biden for the presidency and said Trump is “dangerous for America.”

“What we saw week in and week out, for me, after two and a half years in that administration, was terrifying. We would go in to try to talk to him about a pressing national security issue — cyberattack, terrorism threat — he wasn’t interested in those things. To him, they weren’t priorities,” Taylor says in a video produced by the group Republicans Against Trump.

He concludes: “Given what I have experienced in the administration, I have to support Joe Biden for president and even though I am not a Democrat, even though I disagree on key issues, I’m confident that Joe Biden will protect the country and I’m confident that he won’t make the same mistakes as this President.”