Trump Was Privately Surprised That So Many Americans Rely On The Post Office

Donald Trump and his staffers were reportedly surprised by the blowback they got in response to the president’s scheme to derail the U.S. Postal Service ahead of the November election.

According to Jonathan Lemire of the Associated Press, the White House was “caught off guard” by the widespread opposition to Trump’s post office plot.

MSNBC’s Joy Reid was shocked by Lemire’s reporting, saying, “Are you kidding? They were surprised that people were upset they weren’t getting their mail?”

Reid added that if anyone in the White House actually met with real human beings, they would know just how many folks rely on the post office in their everyday lives.


Lemire reported:

It’s not just about the crush of mail-in voting that we’re, of course, expecting in the weeks ahead. It’s also Americans in their day-to-day lives, being unable to receive perhaps necessary medication, something that seniors and veterans alike are really struggling with right now. And there’s been cascading delays across the country with the postal service, as you said. Service, not business. The president’s rhetoric on this has shifted slightly in the last few days. I think they were caught off guard a little bit by the fierce blowback they were getting. This became the story in the country.

Trump is out of touch with average Americans

Donald Trump thought cutting the legs out from under the USPS was a smart way to undermine voting in the middle of a pandemic. Little did he know that the post office doesn’t just deliver mail-in ballots during elections.

All across the country, small businesses rely on the Postal Service to ship products. It’s a critical service for seniors who need Social Security checks or veterans who receive medications by mail. In the middle of a pandemic, the mail is also a way for Americans to keep in touch with one another.

If the president or anyone in his circle spent a minute talking to an average person, they would understand all of this. But they are all so desperate to find a way to win this election, they didn’t even consider who might be hurt by their scheme.

Donald Trump, a man who hasn’t done a hard day’s work in his life, is out of touch with the American people.

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